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Product Code: SL1000
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SL1000 is an intelligent cost-effective telecommunication system that is equipped with capability to adapt functions for immediate and emerging business needs, covering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small offices, home offices (SOHOs).



Handy and Useful Functions
SL1000 is equipped with rich Built-in functions that improve the employees’ communication environment, contributing to save the Total Cost of Ownership.

Hybrid Concept
SL1000 provides Hybrid ports, realizing seamless integration of multiline terminal, single line telephones, facsimiles, and more without complex settings.

Scalable Architecture
SL1000 starts from 4 trunk lines and 8 extensions scales up to 128 extensions (230 ports). The system is Flexible to suit any changing demands of communication infrastructure.

IP Telephony

SL1000 is ready with the capability of VoIP (Voice over IP) trend, or for possible change in the future for both H.323 and standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks and extensions.

Feature Rich IP Terminal
SL1000 provides 24-key IP terminal, having the same usage as a multiline terminal in the office IP environment. And this IP terminal can be located out of office as Remote Extension.


Productive Communication
Increase efficiency by fully utilizing features such as, Conference, Automated Attendant, Call Forwarding, Doorphone connectivity and more, in the system for a productive office communication environment.

Web-based Manager
The terminal and system setting are easily customizable to suit the user's preference.

Unique Features
Office / Home Guard functions which provide an auto warning message and alarm sensor support upon being triggered. Also Mobile Extension feature provides “Mobility”.


Lower Power Consumption
SL1000 uses less power consumption than most legacy systems. It is approximately 25%* lower than previous models, and reduces the total cost of ownership by minimizing the office electricity expense, at the same time saving the environment by going green.

* Comparison with our conversional model

Power Saving Mode
SL1000 allows automatic standby mode during office closing hours. This feature saves the system’s energy when it is not in use, and increases its overall performance.

Room monitoring from outside
Warning Message during night mode
Remote Inspection, with auto-emergency call
Sensor Connectivity with auto-emergency call and warning message sending
Built-In Auto Answer
(Standby mode) during night mode
TDM/IP Coverage
ISDN Compatibility
Voice Mail Integration
Paging Announcement
Programmable Function Keys

Dimensions: 375(W) x 290(H) x 115(D) mm
Input Power: 90-264 VAC, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: -27 V (81 W)
Related Voltage: -27 V
Load Fluctuation: -25.92 V to -28 V (-27.0 V ±4%)
Output Current: 3.0 A
Number of Ports: 230 Ports
Networking: SIP Trunk Interconnection 16 Channels
Applications: Mobile extensions
Hotel Feature
Email Notification Messages
NAT Traversal
Interface: Ethernet Port
Protocol: Devices SIP-enabled, H.323

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