NEC SV8100 Voice Compression Card 64-channels PZ-64IPLB

Brand: NEC
Product Code: PZ-64IPLB
Availability: In Stock

The new PZ-32/64/128 IPLB requires only one DSP IP address for all three daughter board types. IPLB daughter boards are used for converting the RTP (Real Time Transfer Protocol) packets via the IP network and PCM highway. The daughter board is installed on the CD-CP00. The IP telephones are connected directly to the IP bus. When IP telephones need to be connected to a conventional PCMbased digital circuit, this board converts the IP packet signal into a PCM signal format and connects to the PCM time division switch. The VOIPDB daughter board provides: 32 (PZ-32IPLB) channels 64 (PZ-64IPLB) channels 128 (PZ-128IPLB) channels

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