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PL Series Live Performance Microphones

The NetMax N8000 System Controller is a state-of-the-art digital matrix system offering comprehensive management of all aspects of professional sound reinforcement systems. Supporting both distributed and central processing, NetMax is a powerful physical complement to EV's IRIS-Net protocol, which gives designers and end-users the industry’s most flexible routing, DSP, and component-level system control and supervision. EQ, crossovers, dynamics, FIR-Drive loudspeaker optimization—NetMax does it all with superior digital fidelity. Each 2RU NetMax chassis supports up to 1900 MIPS of processing power and up to 32 local audio channels. And with NetMax's modular, field-configurable architecture, every system can be tailored to current needs without being locked out of future expansion. Designed for both installations and touring systems, NetMax is an indispensable tool for concert halls, houses of worship, hotels, casinos, convention centers, sporting arenas, and stadiums. Simply put, there's no more powerful, intelligent way to tame the complexity of modern sound systems than NetMax.

AI-1 NetMax 8-channel analog input card
AI-1 AI-1
Eight electronically balanced line-level inputs
Euroblock connectors
20 KΩ input impedance
117 dB dynamic range for superior sonic quality
Automatic configuration
IRIS-Net notification of installation and removal
On-board DSP (100 MIPS)
AO-1 NetMax 8-channel analog output card
AO-1 Eight electronically balanced line-level outputs
Euroblock connectors
118 dB dynamic range for superior sonic quality
100 Ω output impedance
Automatic configuration
IRIS-Net notification of installation and removal
On-board DSP (100 MIPS)
CM-1 NetMax CobraNet audio network module
CM-1 Connect NetMax to a CobraNet digital audio network
Two 100BASE-TX Ethernet interfaces (IEEE 802.3u compatible) for system redundancy
100 mbps data transmission rate
Four serial ports each for input and output for a total of up to 32 ins and 32 outs
48 kHz sample rate and 16-, 20-, or 24-bit word-length
Control, monitoring, configuration, and firmware updates via Ethernet
Status LEDs for link, activity, fault, and CobraNet conductor status
DM-1 NetMax Dante audio network module
DM-1 Connect NetMax to a Dante digital audio network
Transmit up to 32 ins and 32 outs at 48 or 96 kHz sample rate and 16-, 20-, or 24-bit word-length
Low latency (typically below 1 ms)
Two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for system redundancy
Status LEDs for each interface
Dante Zen device-discovery
Compatible with Dante Virtual Soundcard
DSP-1 N8000 300 MIPS DSP expansion module
DSP-1 Enhanced DSP power for NetMax controllersy
Adds 300 MIPS computing capacityy
Easy field installation into chassis card sloty
48-bit signal processingy
Two RAM banks (512k x 24 Bit) for delay lines up to 21.8 seconds y
Double-precision DSP algorithms. y
Automatic configuration via IRIS-Net with installation/removal notification
MI-1 NetMax 8-channel analog mic/line input card
MI-1 Eight electronically balanced mic/line inputs
Euroblock connectors
48 V phantom power
Mic/line pad, selectable via IRIS-Net
Gain and level adjustable via IRIS-Net
Automatic configuration
IRIS-Net notification of installation and removal
On-board DSP (100 MIPS)
PWS-4 PWS-6 and PWS-C Programmable wall stations
PWS-4 PWS-6 and PWS-C Modular standard-mount keypads for NetMax
Convenient control for volume, source, presets, etc.
Up to three front units in a wall station
PWS-C connects front units to CAN bus
Easy daisy-chaining with included connection wire
Easy labeling, protected by transparent cover
Integrated status LEDs
Button and LED configuration via IRIS-Net
Customizable button behavior (momentary, latching, or radio)
DI-1 NetMax 8-channel digital input card
DI-1 Eight channels of AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital audio
Four input connectors, Euroblock or TOSLINK optical
Supports sample rates from 32 - 192 kHz
Independent sample rate conversion for each input
Lock indication LED
On-board DSP (100 MIPS)
DO-1 NetMax 8-channel digital output card
DO-1 Eight channels of AES/EBU digital audio output
Four Euroblock output connectors
48 kHz sample rate
+21 dBu maximum output level
Automatic configuration via IRIS-Net with installation/removal notification
On-board DSP (100 MIPS)
DSP-2 N8000 1500 MIPS DSP Expansion Module
DSP-2 The DSP-2 v2 is a DSP extension module for use in an Electro-Voice NetMax system. The module provides additional DSP for extending the signal processing capacity and additional RAM memory for implementing longer delay times or a greater number of delay lines.
N8000 NetMax 300 MIPS digital matrix controller
N8000 Full IRIS-Net supervision, control, and scheduling
Comprehensive 32-channel routing and mixing
Huge range of DSP filters, EQ, dynamics, and delays
FIR-Drive loudspeaker optimization
300 MIPS internal processing
Up to 1000 MIPS of processing power available per unit
115 dB dynamic range for clean, quiet sound
Internal 48-bit processing for outstanding audio fidelity
Auto-compiling DSP engine with ultra-low fixed latency
Modular architecture with hardware expansion slots
Fully-programmable analog and digital GPIO support
Support for Ethernet, RS-232, USB, and CAN
CobraNet and Dante audio networking options

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