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Operates in DVB.
ASI signal input and a digital QAM signal output in 16/32/64/128 or 256 QAM mode.
Front panel LCD for monitoring, data display and setup.
High MER (Modulation Error Rate) ensures a low bit error rate.
Switching power supply 90VAC-260VAC, 50Hz/60Hz.
Standard 19' rack-mount for installation.
SAW filtered IF out/in loop.
RF modulation output
-47-862MHz output frequency agility.
-60dBmV output level with Hybrid module IC.
-Output level adjustable by a 15dB range.
-Low out-of-band noise and High VSB attenuation.
-Double PLL synthesized channel control.
Available to control multiple and daisy chain QAM modulators with our Monitoring & Control Software.

Connection medium :Coaxial cable
Connector type :BNC 75 ohms
Cable length :300 meters
Link character length :10 bit
Bit rate on link :270 M bit/s
Byte rate on link :27 M bytes/s
Useful data rate :0.1 M bits/s to 54 M bit/s
Max. Input Voltage :880 mV p-p
Data packet length :188 bytes or 204 bytes
Maximum MPEG-2 bit rate :213 M bits/s

Frequency  Range :47MHz to 862MHz
Bandwidth :8MHz [PAL-D/K]
Output Level ≧ 60dB mV
Spurious and Harmonics ≧ 55dBc
Output Impedance :75 Ω
Frequency Accuracy/Stability :± 5 KHz
Connector :F-type

Electrical Interface :RS -232C
Data Link: 57600bps, No parity, 8-bit data, 1 stop bit
Connector Type :DB-9 Female for connection to next station

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