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PL Series Live Performance Microphones

The NetMax N8000 System Controller is a state-of-the-art digital matrix system offering comprehensive management of all aspects of professional sound reinforcement systems. Supporting both distributed and central processing, NetMax is a powerful physical complement to EV's IRIS-Net protocol, which gives designers and end-users the industry’s most flexible routing, DSP, and component-level system control and supervision. EQ, crossovers, dynamics, FIR-Drive loudspeaker optimization—NetMax does it all with superior digital fidelity. Each 2RU NetMax chassis supports up to 1900 MIPS of processing power and up to 32 local audio channels. And with NetMax's modular, field-configurable architecture, every system can be tailored to current needs without being locked out of future expansion. Designed for both installations and touring systems, NetMax is an indispensable tool for concert halls, houses of worship, hotels, casinos, convention centers, sporting arenas, and stadiums. Simply put, there's no more powerful, intelligent way to tame the complexity of modern sound systems than NetMax.

DC-One 2-in/6-out sound system processor
DC-One Whether you’re permanently installing a sound system or taking your portable rig to tonight’s gig, the DC-One will help you optimize your loudspeakers for the room they’re in. This fully-featured, 2-in/6-out audio DSP lets you adjust EQ and crossover points, dynamics and delays from the front panel or from PC software that lets you see how you’re shaping your sound. Precise limiters help protect your loudspeaker investment from the unexpected. The DC-One comes pre-loaded with standard speaker configurations and custom settings for many EV loudspeakers
DC-One Editor Software PC-based editing software for DC-One
DC-One Editor Software Easy connection to DC-One hardware via USB
Detailed, real-time control and supervision of DC-One hardware
Intuitive user interface
State-of-the-art graphics provide detailed, easy-to-understand system overview
Graphical navigation and block diagrams provide easy access to all functions and DSP sections
Unique delay adjustment interface positions components as they actually exist in space
Selective lockout of front-panel access protects settings from tampering
Available as a free download at www.electro-voice.com
Dx46 Two-in/six-out FIR-Drive sound system processor
Dx46 IRIS-Net software provides complete control, monitoring and supervision
FIR-Drive loudspeaker optimization
Analog and AES/EBU inputs
Switchable -6 dB pre-A/D converter pad
24-bit AD/DA conversion
48-bit filter algorithms
116 dB dynamic range (A-weighted)
Ethernet and USB data interfaces
Dedicated array EQ and delay sections
4 separate delay sections
5 contact closure inputs
60 factory presets, 30 user presets
Unique edit/compare mode for audible parameter adjustment
Full loudspeaker protection package, including both Peak Anticipation and TEMP limiters
Editor Software IRIS-Net

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