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PL Series Live Performance Microphones

RIS-Net is a power software used for the configuration, control and monitoring of a wide range of electronics products form Electro-Voice. Supported devices include, signal processors, wireless microphone systems, power amplifiers and external controllers. IRIS-Net enables quick and efficient configuration of large groups of hardware to enable a large number of individual devices to operate as a single, seamless system. Through the use of custom graphics and user controls, IRIS-Net allows a programmer to create highly customized and secure software interfaces for use in live audio, commercial installations or anything in between. Whether a project contains one or hundreds of devices, IRIS-Net provides unique and easy to use system solutions.

Complete System Monitoring and Supervision
Complete System Monitoring and Supervision It is critical to be able to monitor the status, health and components of a system. Whether the system is mobile or permanently installed, the ability to spot and diagnose any potential problems quickly and efficiently is a key requirement for users, operators and designers alike. IRIS-Net is able to monitor all aspects of the system components, from signal and DSP performance, to hardware and network status. When using Tour Grade amplifiers with RCM-26 modules or DSP Precision series amplifiers, IRIS-Net's unique System Check feature even allows an operator to see the health of connected loudspeakers down to a transducer level and compare and track the results over time. The unmatched supervision features provided by IRIS-Net ensure optimum system performance, reduce maintenance costs and down time and provide valuable peace-of-mind to designers and operators alike.
Custom User Interfaces
Custom User Interfaces One of the most important aspects of how a system is operated is the interface for the user. IRIS-Net allows fully customizable Graphic User Interfaces for any application and any kind of user. IRIS-Net includes a large library of graphical elements, such as buttons, faders, LEDs and display objects, and allow a programmer to fully customize the look and feel of any control objects within the software project. Programmers can create clusters of controls called User Controls and save this in a personal library for future use. This level of customization creates projects that are attractive and easy for users to understand and operate, regardless of their technical knowledge and ability.
Full System Integration
Full System Integration Full System IntegrationIRIS-Net enables complete, unified control, configuration and monitoring of a wide variety of Electro-Voice hardware systems. This allows centralized control and operations of a complete system of unique hardware devices. Supported hardware includes:
NetMax Hardware Systems
Dx46 Loudspeaker Processors
Tour Grade Series Amplifiers
DSP Precision Series Amplifiers
Contractor Precision Series Amplifiers
PWS-Series Wall Controllers
TPI Series Touch Panel Interfaces
IRIS-Net Project Generator For Amplifiers
IRIS-Net Project Generator For Amplifiers IRIS-Net Project Generator For AmplifiersIRIS-Net comes complete with an easy to use but extremely powerful application for creating project files for amplifiers that can automate device naming, grouping DSP settings and User Interface creation. The Project Generator is tightly integrated with IRIS-Net and allows a user to specify the type and number of amplifiers in the project as well as the DSP settings that should be used for each amplifier, and the Generator does the rest. After inputting some basic information, the project generator will create a project that comes complete with controls for mutes, master EQ, delay, detailed or basic supervision and monitoring and much more. After the basic project has been created, it is fully operational and ready to go. But it doesn't stop there, since the project can then be fully customized and edited with custom graphics, additional devices and controls, monitoring elements, additional DSP or user access permissions if desired. The Project Generator can save time and get the show running faster than ever before. The Project Generator is included with the IRIS-Net installation file-no additional download needed.
Interface Control and User Access Permissions
Interface Control and User Access Permissions Often times, not all users of a system need or want access to all parameters or components of a system. In many situations, it is desirable to control what users can see and adjust. IRIS-Net allows the creation of up to 64 Graphic User Interface layers. Within each project, individual users can be set up and granted access only to the specific areas of the project that are needed. User access security can be defined by username, password or both. It is possible to grant multiple users access to the same layers, while providing unique layers for each user as well. This can be very useful in situations where there are areas requiring localized control, but it also desired to have a single, centralized and global control and monitoring point at the same time. The user access and security features in IRIS-Net allow a programmer to give users access to the right components and controls at the right time, while preventing unauthorized access to critical control elements.

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