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AxesIO2 is part of the axesplus® line of hardware components. This innovative small size, two door I/O element enables full functionality of the door devices. Alternatively, it can be used as an expansion I/O element for building automation. AxesIO2 allows maximum flexibility while designing and deploying access control projects. AxesIO2 is an axesplus® IO Board that can control 2 doors (2 readers, 4 analog inputs and 4 relays per door) or 8 floor input/ output board for lift controller.

AxesIO2 is managed by the AxesMain which can support up to 4 AxesIO2 units through RAN BUS communication, thus ensuring easy, fast and reliable deployment. The AxesMain communicates with the axesplus® service platform through an Ethernet connection and manages the access control rules.

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