Giải pháp IPTV Sumavision

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giải pháp Sumavision sạn IPTV có các tính năng tích hợp cao, chi phí-hiệu quả và khả năng mở rộng tốt, đó là lựa chọn lý tưởng cho các ứng dụng của khách sạn. Đơn giản chỉ cần dựa trên EMRs và Android IPTV STB, khách hàng sẽ được thưởng thức các kênh truyền hình trực tiếp từ vệ tinh và cả Internet.

Satellite Program Receiving and Descrambling 4-frequency DVB-S2 Demodulation Receiving Card (C545) is an EMR IRD function card, one card can demodulate 4 FTA or scrambled satellite frequencies.
Descrambling Card (C510CI) can be used to descramble the programs. Each C510CI has two CAM slots and descrambles 16 programs.
Using C545 cards and C510CI card can receive and descramble all the satellite programs.
Local program encoding
H.264 Digital Encoding Card (C150D) can encode 2 digital programs.
H.264 Analog Encoding Card (C150A) can encode 2 analog programs.
Using C150A and C150D can encode all the local programs.
All the programs can be de-multiplexed and re-multiplexed via back board fixed on EMR, then be sent from the EMR to the network via multicast UDP. 
Terminal watching
IPTV STBs are deployed in the hotel rooms. These IPTV STBs can receive all the multicast live channels from the hotel head-end system, and customer can also surf  the Internet by the STB.

High integration
l With 3G DTV platform EMR as the head-end, the device occupation can be greatly reduced. One rack unit device has the ability to receive and descramble up to 48 satellite programs and encode two local programs at the same time.
lWith existing IP network deployed in the hotel rooms, no extra investment in network construction is needed.
l IPTV STBs based on android operation system can easily acquire videos from both DVB network and the Internet. It can also easily download android apps and be upgraded.
Good Scalability
lExpand service coverage for more rooms by simply increasing the STB number, no extra server is needed. For more live channels from satellites, just add more EMR chassis or functional modules.
lSumavision Android IPTV STB is inherently with OTT functions, by adding OTT head-end devices the system can provide OTT services without replacing the STBs.


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