C-9104 Conventional Ultraviolet Flame Detetor

Brand: GST
Product Code: C-9104
Availability: In Stock

    ☆ Ultraviolet Sensor that detects the UV rays emitted by a flame
    ☆ Aesthetically pleasing low profile design
    ☆ Dust / corrosion / humidity resistant
    ☆ Standard calibration set to detect a 3cm flame at 6 meters
    ☆ Effective range 12 meters

Technical Specifications
    ☆ Operating Voltage: 24VDC
    ☆ Operating Current:
           Standby Current: 1.6mA
           Alarm Current: 38mA
    ☆ Operating Environment:
           Temperature: -20℃ ~+50℃
           Relative Humidity: 95%
    ☆ Detection Angle: 80°
    ☆ Dimensions: Diameter 103mm, Height 53.5mm

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