Polycom SoundStation2 Avaya 2490

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The Polycom SoundStation2 Avaya 2490 is the ideal conference phone for Avaya DEFINITY digital PBX environments.
Simply connect the conference phone directly into a DEFINITY ECS digital wall jack and start making calls. You don’t need an analog port, analog adapter, or complicated connections to take advantage of Polycom’s legendary voice quality in your conference rooms.
This conference phone:
Delivers remarkable voice quality
Is ideal for small and medium-sized conference rooms
Comes with a microphone that picks up voices up to 10 feet (3-meters) away
Supports telephone features such as redial, mute, transfer, and hold
Offers a large LCD display for caller ID and other call information
Is easy to install and use with direct connection to an Avaya DEFINITY digital PBX wall jack
The Polycom SoundStation2 Avaya 2490:
Is simple to set up by plugging directly into a DEFINITY digital PBX wall jack
Comes with our patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity™ technology, which delivers remarkable voice quality and natural, free flowing conversations so your meetings are more productive and enjoyable
Offers up to 10 feet (3.5-meter) of 360-degree microphone coverage, ideal for small to midsize conference rooms. Add optional expansion microphones for an even greater pickup range
Resists interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices while delivering clear voice conferencing with no distractions
Has an applications port, which connects to mobile phones for dialing from rooms without an analog phone line, and connects to a PC to become a high-quality conference phone for Internet calling

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