Polycom RealPresence VideoProtect 500

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The RealPresence Utility Cart 500 is based off the Group Series 500 codec. Please review video specifications here.
Features specific to the VideoProtect 500:
Handset Only Mode (Audio through handset only with volume control):
Auto Answer Mode: Call comes in, video is auto answered, audio is muted until handset picked up
Standard Answer Mode: Call is only answered when handset is picked up.
Auto Dial Mode: System auto dials a preset # when the handset is lifted. Preset is labeled "auto dial"
Hang Up call: System hangs up call when handset is placed on hook, with an inbuilt 3 second delay in case of accidental user error.
Hands-free Mode (No handset therefore no volume control):
System auto answers ONLY. No other features
Call is disconnected by "far-end" hanging up call
Audio through speakers only.
Both Handset and Hands-free Mode (Includes volume control and auto dial features):
System auto answers with audio through speakers
Pick up handset and audio goes to handset only (privacy)
Hang up handset and audio returns to speakers
Feature need pre-defining upon installation

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