Brand: Eiki
Product Code: HQView510
Availability: In Stock

Harnessing the power of the ReonTM video processor running state of the art HQVTM algorithms with expertly designed hardware and firmware from Calibre, HQView510 is a highly flexible image scaler and scan converter which provides stunning image quality for professional, broadcast and corporate AV users.HQView510 features 4-sided soft edge blend with multi-region black level correction for seamless blending of multiple projectors and includes flexible geometry correction functions able to correct image shape and projector misalignment by dragging and dropping each image corner, or by pin/barrel, rotation or by keystone and rotation.HQView510 provides 3G-SDI input and out connectivity with backwards compatibility with HD-SDI and SD-SDI. A Genlock input is provided for studio/staging use which can accept bi-level or tri-level sync or black & burst.

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