iFace201/301/401 Face & RFID

Brand: ZKTechco
Product Code: iFace201/301/401 Face & RFID
Availability: In Stock

Elegant Time & Attendance and simple access control
It can hold up to 400 faces 1:N and 3000 faces 1:1  
Up to 10.000 users and cards.
Incorporates EM proximity reader and, optionally, Mifare, HID, etc..
Stores up to 100.000 log records without PC download.
Allows communication with PC through Ethernet, RS-232/485
Optionally, allows GPRS communication
Events management (doctor, personal issues, etc…)
4.3’’ TFT touch screen with advanced menu management
Includes 6 function keys defined by user
Most commun European languages (standard texts and voices) aviable
Standard SDK

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