Biostar Standard

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BioStar is the name of Suprema’s next generation access control system based on IP connectivity and biometric security. A biometric device installed at each door works not only as a reader but also as an intelligent controller on its own. Separate secure relay units can be installed inside a door to eliminate security breaches.
The meeting of biometrics and IP makes a perfect fit by leveraging the merits of each technology. Increasing biometrics cost can be compensated in BioStar by removing expensive control panels from the system and reducing wiring burden from a central panel to each reader. BioStar’s IP based connectivity makes template distribution for biometric devices a no more difficult job
Simple and easy installation with less wiring
Lower cost per door without conventional control panels
Flexible and extendible IP based system structure
Biometric security at the price of legacy systems
Flexible zone management for anti-passback and alarm
BioStar SDK for easy integration with third party systems

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